Quick Reasons To Hire Us

#1 - Lots of times the Family that is hiring us has 1 major goal and that is to have the house empty without having to perform all of the work 
#3 - The 3rd goal is to receive some type of cash payout at the end of the sale.
#2 - The 2nd goal is to have the items take on a new life by selling them in an estate sale instead of donating them or throwing them all away.
#4 - The 4th goal is to have peace of mind that this process will soon be over and a proffessional company is now taking care of this huge task

Below you will find the answers to the questions... What is an Estate Sale Service... and is an Estate Sale Service right for your situation? Call us for a Free Consultation:  

Fast Estate Sales in the Greater Southern California area including Clean Outs and Liquidations: 909-556-9024 "How to liquidate an Estate" is the kind of thing most people don’t think about until they are faced with the insurmountable project… But wait! Fear not… I promise you it is not insurmountable. It can be done and believe it or not it can even turn into an enjoyable (dare I say cathartic) process.

Hi, We're Molli & Tony Rathstone, owners of Fast Estate Sales in the Greater Southern California area with our professional Estate Sales, Estate Liquidations service. Helping Southern California families liquidate Estates and our mission is to help your transition go as smoothly as possible.

After helping my own mother clear out her home after a divorce of 31 years of marriage… ​ After watching the tears, the pain, the memories and the difficulty of letting it all go I knew what an important process Estate liquidation is and what you need most in a time like this is for this to be simple, fast and not to be taken advantage of! 

Call us for a Free Consultation:   Fast Estate Liquidations & Sales for the Southern California area including Clean Outs and Liquidations: 909-556-9024  

When liquidating an Estate you are vulnerable… most importantly you need to find a caring and professional company that will do it right (...like us)! Never hire your friend who likes to run garage sales. Do not go with the cheapest company (there will be hidden fees or they will sell your items for pennies on the dollar so they can wrap the sale up quickly and profit from your items later at their own store) Do you really have the time, energy and patience do it by yourself?

When my father passed (Death in the family) I learned how stressful this period of your life will be and again the importance of having trustworthy people in your corner to guide you through the minutia of details of liquidating and dispersing an estate is imperative!

Maybe your looking to liquidate your own Estate in the Greater Southern California area…

Sometimes downsizing can be FUN!

My husband and I did what many Americans claim is a bucket-list item for them we sold everything and bought a motorhome. We moved into it “full-time” and traveled around the country in an RV... Selling the contents of 3400 sq ft. home (especially when it’s your own items your parting from) and moving into a motorhome less than 200 sq ft of space is quite the task but I promise you it is life changing and could be an amazing experience for you too! We’re here to help you navigate through the process. Contact us today for a FREE consult and let's see if Fast Estate Sales is the right fit for your Estate Sale needs...

Call us for a Free Consultation: Fast Estate Liquidations & Sales in the Southern California area including Clean Outs and Donations: 909-556-9024

When to hire an Estate Sale Service

I used to think only “rich” people had Estate Sales and that is ABSOLUTELY not true. An Estate sale can mean simply that the contents of the house are being sold… that’s it! Our clients are surprised that many times you will make the most money off of little ticket items and not the “big” expensive stuff. This is a common misconception so don’t throw ANYTHING away.

Let the Estate Sale experts (us) determine what will sell and what won’t. Remember somebody has to be in the market for what you’re selling in the timeframe you need it sold. Estate Sales typically refer to sales where the entire contents of the house are being sold and the home is going to be left empty, generally for the purpose of making the house ready for sale. Hire a company (like us :-) if you want this to be a quick and painless process.

As a "shopper" you go to a sale and you see the items as "stuff". You value those items with no emotional attachment (besides how badly you want it). When you are liquidating your own personal items and things that you have a personal history with you, You see the items completely differently. How do you put a price tag on a crocheted baby blanket when it was yours or your sisters? You don't and that's why you want a professional's help to step in and guide you through this journey. Let us help you find the best way to respect the memories and still move on... 

Call us for a Free Consultation:

Fast Estate Sales Southern California area including Clean Outs and Liquidations: 909-556-9024 Areas we service: Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties. With over 40 years experience behind us, if you're in Southern California we've got you covered!


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